Monday, April 30, 2012

Been a bit slack...

So I should have had this post up months ago...but now seemed like the right time..sorry followers..Bad blogger, bad ! A bit of a sad post, but we are sure there is a light at the end (hopefully not too distant) of the tunnel..

“Hello readers of our blog Well it is with some sadness that I add this update on our surrogacy journey. Late in January, we received news from our clinic that our tummy mummy had some complications that would later lend themselves to a great loss. Her waters had broken very early. Much too early. On the 22nd of January, very early in the morning our time. A half asleep call to our doctors and we had the news that our baby was not able to be saved at 20 weeks and 5 days. Thankfully though our surrogate was not negatively affected by the unfolding dramas, you just would not want any health risks happening to someone that was helping us create our dream of becoming a family.
Within a few days we were notified that our baby, a baby girl in fact, had been lost. Funnily enough we had all along been referring to the addition to our family as a girl. ‘The baby didn’t seem like enough of a reference for us. The one3 thing that we took some solace in, was that our baby girl was being loved and looked after in heaven by her nanny, another loss that we have suffered over the last few months. Enough we were thinking. No more for our family, we’ve had enough sadness and simply needed some wonderful news, some uplifting news.
But this is the dice you roll when you are in the game of baby making. And not just in the surrogacy game. Any family must traverse these risks. And many parents have had these terrible moments. Many parents, all over the world, at any given moment. We take stock of the love of each other, and those around us that have, and continue to support us in this journey.
We dust ourselves off. Give ourselves a moment to grieve and to mourn, to get angry, to cry. Telling people has become a little draining. It got to the point where just a look would be enough They would ask “How’s the baby going?”.”What’s news with your baby?” ..  Do we not tell people next time. And there will be a next time, there has to be. To give up now just doesn’t seem like an option. Not yet. One more red hot crack as some would say). And besides, there are those out there that have started knitting booties, and we can’t let them down (you know who you are J). “ ...
So there it is. The story up-to-date, and I promise to keep the news flowing in a more timely fashion !


  1. Oh guys that must have been horrible for you. No words. Your spirits seem high and I look forward to future baby updates....hopefully VERY soon.

    Big hugs.

  2. Thanks Rhonda and Gerry,
    I concur, updates to come very soon (fingers and toes crossed)

  3. Dear Cameron and Mark,

    I am so so sorry for you. My husband and I are going through a very similar situation with our surrogate right now. I would like to private message you of you are up to it. Your words on the blog have been very helpful.
    Take care

    1. Hello Alisha,
      Of course you can pm's always good to have someone to share with..
      you can get us on ...
      speak soon